Real Estate Brokers – Smart People Who Make Money

Real estate is associated with the buying and selling of property. It is a vast area where a lot of deals happen every day. A lot of money is transacted as a part of this business each day. It is not just associated with buying and selling of land. Renting of land and buildings also go under this category. The money transaction that happens in the business is huge and complicated. There are different levels at which profits are made. We find around us a lot of people who are considered to be experts in this area. They are known as real estate brokers.

Real estate brokers are mostly concerned about the buying and selling of property. The broker acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. The broker is also known as a real estate agent in the United Kingdom. Whenever a person has to buy or sell a property, all they have to do is to consult an agent and seek advice. They will help to find a buyer who compromises with all your demands and expectations and thus helping in carrying on with the sale. There would be a lot of people who work under the broker who help him out in the selling process. In some cases the broker signs agreement on the behalf of the buyer.

Anyone is not allowed to become a real estate broker. Those who wish to go into this business have to secure a license. Unlicensed exchanged are allowed only when the buyer himself deals with the selling of the property. In order to secure a broker’s license, you will have to attend a 90-hour long course which is preceded by an exam. You will get the license only if you pass the exam. The exam mainly involves the testing of real estate laws.

The real estate broker’s job is not just limited to the buying and selling of property. The work also involves the assessment of the value of a property and its appraisal, market analysis, supervision, auction, preparation of documents and providing guidance in the transaction. The profit that the broker makes is usually five to seven per cent of the amount at which the property is sold. Considering the huge financial benefits, a lot of people have started coming into this business. But it is necessary to keep in mind that real estate business involves a lot of risk too.


Real Estate Agent Marketing That Generates Transactions

In every market there are new real estate agents getting into the market and agents that want to change their marketing to generate more business. For most agents that means starting off with a strategy that is based around them and their “image”. After all, people are “buying into you” when they are buying a home right?

The misconception that your brand is all about you is what leads people to create postcards, magazine ads, and websites with huge pictures of themselves. Sadly as home buyers and sellers rush to the market in cities all across the country, they aren’t saying “Wow, I hope I can find an agent with a huge picture who is honest and has integrity”. It doesn’t happen!

To embrace real estate agent marketing efforts should be focused on lead generation by meeting the customers’ needs. A focus on the number of leads that you can generate from each marketing piece will keep your costs low and allow you to cut your budget should one of your campaigns not result in new business.

Now that you have abandoned branding as a form of marketing, where should one focus to get results? The first step to getting more leads that turn into transactions comes in deciding on your marketing message.

A Marketing Message Generates Calls Monthly
A marketing message is NOT a slogan. A slogan is something like “Everything I Touch Turns To Sold” or “Honest Service for 22 years”. These messages aren’t compelling and certainly won’t get anyone to pick up the phone. No one is out there looking for a dishonest real estate professional, so stating that you are “honest” isn’t making a statement at all!

A marketing message is a statement that saves someone time or money (sometimes both). It is best to have buyer messages and seller messages as they have different needs. These messages can be included on any real estate agent marketing and should be prominent to compel a total stranger to pick up the phone and want to get more information.

Take the following seller marketing message:

I Sell Homes 21 Days Faster And For 2.1% More Money Than The Average Agent

That marketing message saves someone time and money! Put this on a post card and watch your phone ring. This message is specific and will work in any market because it saves someone money (2.1% more in the seller’s pocket) and it saves someone time (21 days faster). You could easily test this postcard and your traditional “slogan” card by sending them both out to the same group of people and see which one generates more phone calls. Keep the card that generates the most calls and keep running it.

Effective real estate agent marketing generates calls every month. Every six months the needs of the markets so take time to track the number of calls and the transactions you are closing from each of your marketing pieces.