How To Use Personal Finance Online Options?

People who want to be financially secure have to use the best financial advices possible. To achieve this goal it is a good idea to use help from personal finance online options. Whether it is offline or online, personal finance can be managed better using software options. Only the browser is needed if online management of the personal finance is required. There are also different types of applications available that can be downloaded easily. These applications can be used effectively to control and manage personal finance. It also allows better privacy for information. Whatever option is selected, an ideal digital manager for the finance should offer features that are easy to navigate and allow proper management of different types of financial aspects such as future retirement plans, investments, taxes and accounts.

Sites That Can Help in Money Management

Safety is a big concern when it comes to using online options. The services offered without any cost at the money management websites like Mint, MoneyStrands and Buxfer. Even though free services offered by these sites give some doubt to people, in fact the companies are genuine and legitimate service providers. The technology of screen scraping used to get the bank accounts picture are very secure. It does not allow any alteration in the part of a financial transaction. While these useful services may be available for free at these sites, the users may have to go through some advertisements to access the required information.

Initially retirement plans, investments and personal finance information from banks are requested. Using reports and graphs a clearer view emerges after all the data from different sources are categorized properly. The current status of the finances become obvious.

From the available reviews the Mint is considered to be one of the best personal finance online service providers. It offers comprehensive tools and a wide range of data to its users. Account information for almost a year can be accessed after the data is retrieved from other banks. The financial information is accurately averaged by the Mint when it snags such a long history from the banking websites. This results in better and more accurate financial advices. One negative aspect about Mint is that setting up the initial account can take some time at the site. When it comes to accurate transactions categorization then Moneystrands is somewhat better to the Mint. However, less banking sites are associated with the Moneystrands so users should expect limited information. On the other hand, with the beautiful graphics and ease of use Buxfer is very fast in providing the required information.


How To Generate Free Network Marketing Leads Using Attraction Marketing

If you’ve come looking for free network marketing leads, you’ve come to the right place… But only if you’re prepared to work for them.

There are no companies that just hand out free network marketing leads and if there are, I would be willing to bet that they are the junkiest, tire kicking, time-wasting, unqualified leads you will ever talk to.

This is an industry built on hard (and smart) work, so if you’re looking for a free network marketing leads hand out, this is not the article for you. Instead, with this article I will be discussing how to generate free network marketing leads yourself, using hard work and the principles of attraction marketing.

Let’s get started…

First off, if you’ve never heard of attraction marketing, it is a concept that has been floating around our industry for about 5 years now. Basically, attraction marketing is about marketing yourself as a leader and person of value, instead of just blasting people with your business opportunity.

Most people are not necessarily looking for your business opportunity, but rather someone who can show them how to make money. Screaming out, “Join my business, I have the best opportunity in the world” is a sure-fire way to build distrust with people from the start.

Nobody cares about your business, even if it is the best opportunity on the planet. All people coming into the network marketing industry care about is solving a problem and they will go to the first person who can show them how to do that.

Basically, when you lead off with VALUE, and not your opportunity, you will ‘attract’ people to you.

It is very important that you understand attraction marketing so that you can generate your own quality, free network marketing leads.

So, how do you generate free network marketing leads with attraction marketing?

You will need your own personal branded blog and/or a capture page, something of value to offer (a free ebook, bootcamp, video, audio, training of some sort, anything of value) and 1 or 2 free and EFFECTIVE marketing strategies.

I personally think the best two marketing strategies to attract free network marketing leads are video marketing and article marketing. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also great ways to get free traffic.

What you need to do to generate free network marketing leads is drive traffic to you capture page. Your lead capture page will have an opt-in form where the people looking at your site can leave their name and email address in return for your free offer.

To get traffic to your capture page with article or video marketing, all you have to do is create an informative piece of content (an article or video) telling people at the end that they can get more information by visiting your website. Then just submit your content to article and video directories like EzineArticles and YouTube.

Once you have captured their email address, you can continue to build your relationship with your leads. Once you have built that rapport and your leads come to know you as a person of value, you can then go on to share with them your opportunity, products and services.

Some of your leads will even be calling you about your business and looking for more information on how they can work with you.

This is all done by the power of attraction marketing.


How to Invest in Today’s Economy

Have you ever asked yourself how the rich became wealthy? The next time you ask those who are rich how they became wealthy, they will probably tell you that they became wealthy from buying and selling real estate or by trading in stocks. These are only some of the ways to become wealthy. There are several other ways to get rich by investing. You can invest in real estate, buy bonds, mutual funds etc.

People who invest in real estate will normally buy property, fix it up, and then sell it for a profit. A lot of people have built a tremendous amount of wealth this way. If they do not sell the property, they may place someone in the building and collect rent on a regular basis. This method is called “buy and hold strategy”. There are many other ways real estate investors can make money investing.

Other types of investors are people who buy and sell stocks. They usually will buy stocks at a relatively low price, and then hold on to the stocks until the price of the stock rises significantly in value. When the stock prices start to drop, the stocks will then be sold at a significant profit. Investors who buy many stocks like these from several companies can quickly develop a massive portfolio.

Many investors spread their money over a range of investments. This is called diversification. To put it another way, you do not want to put all your eggs in one basket. Many will put some of their money into higher risk investments with a hope of getting higher returns. It also makes sense to invest in “safer” investments. The returns on “safer” investments will not be as high as the returns on higher risk investments of course.

Other ways to invest include bonds, saving accounts, mutual funds, and CDs. Mutual funds are professionally managed by investment companies. Investors buy units in the fund, and the investment company uses the money to buy stocks, bonds, commodities, futures, etc.

If you are going to be a successful investor, you have to follow certain procedures. The first thing you need to do is understand the investment vehicle and learn how it works. If you don’t understand how to invest, you could end up making a lot of mistakes which can turn out to be expensive.

Investing can be confusing to anyone who does not understand it and how it works. This is why you need to learn as much as you can about investing. Learning and understanding investing will enable you to invest properly and wisely. By educating yourself, you will remove a lot of risk and be able to make informed and wise decisions concerning your investments. This in turn will enable you to build wealth for you and for your family. It is important to realize however that investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you must take control of your personal finances, it will require work and you will have to learn. The rewards though will far out-weigh the amount of work involved. Start taking control of your personal finances today.


Got Leverage In Your Business?

What is this concept called LEVERAGE in a network marketing business and how does a person actually get it?

You know, when I started in this profession over 15 years ago, I didn’t have much LEVERAGE to speak of. Geez — I didn’t even know what that word meant.

No one talked about LEVERAGE much back then.

All we really heard about was all the ‘boo coos’ of money you could make in MLM. It was really hyped up as a way to get rich really quick and because of this the Network Marketing industry has been called a pyramid scam by some. Ever heard that before?
This skepticism is caused by all the hype. The skeptics don’t really understand the industry or that it can be a very lucrative profession when people are taught how to build a Network Marketing business properly!

LEVERAGE is the ability to earn a passive residual income off the business building efforts of other people, even while you’re not working.

J. Paul Getty, the oil industry billionaire, said, “I’d rather have 1% of 100 people’s effort than 100% of my own.” Network marketing guerrillas recognize the power of this philosophy and put it to work for themselves
Experiencing it is the icing on the cake! It’s the ultimate sign that all your efforts are being multiplied!

To see it happening for other members with your team is even more rewarding.

I recently received an exciting email from a woman with my ‘sales force’ telling me they just purchased a new home – all because of this beautiful concept called LEVERAGE in her MLM business.

Some people spend so much time boasting about how much money they’d like to make in their business. Unfortunately they don’t know how to make it happen. They don’t take the time to really understand the importance of true LEVERAGE. They don’t understand about having to work really hard in the beginning to build something to achieve the leverage that will give them freedom in the long term! Most of the time it’s because no one has actually explained or taught them how to obtain leverage.

This is the KEY concept which separates MLM from most other businesses. The fact that network marketing helps you LEVERAGE your most important asset which is your time!

Here’s an example of what happens when you LEVERAGE yourself. You go away on a vacation
to a beautiful island with crystal clear blue water and white sand, enjoying your family and friends
for several days with no phones, no emails, no cell phones, no business activity whatsoever
and when you come back…

You discover that all these new business partners have joined your business team! Your
‘sales force’ has been multiplying while you were away relaxing on the beach! Then you receive a check in the mail for their efforts because you put in the effort to build this team! I’ve even heard someone call it ‘coconut money’!

What’s a business team? These are independent business owners all working for themselves only unlike a traditional business you benefit too!

Doesn’t that sound better than YOU doing all the work YOURSELF?

It’s the business team you build that makes this powerful force called LEVERAGE possible.

Without a growing business team, you’re not only working for yourself, but also all by yourself. You’re doing all the work just like you would be if you were self-employed. Self-employed people have no leverage do they?

For anyone who’s read Robert Kiyosaki’s The Business School For People Who Like Helping People, he talks about the ‘E quadrant’ (Employee), the ‘S quadrant’ (Self Employed and Small Business owner), the ‘I quadrant’ (Investor) and the ‘B quadrant’ (Business owner).

When you’re in the ‘S quadrant’ as a small business owner, you’re doing all the work yourself or managing employees. Kiyosaki calls the ‘S quadrant,’ “The home of the rugged individual, the John Wayne quadrant of business.”

We have a friend we visited with while on vacation a few summers ago. As a small business owner, he couldn’t visit for very long because he doesn’t have anyone to work for him while away. He hardly ever goes on vacation and never quits working for more than a couple of days at a time. If he does he loses money!

Unlike those of us in MLM, our friend doesn’t have a business team growing while he’s away. His
business depends on his efforts. He has to manage his employees. He’s got no FREEDOM.

If you’re the typical ‘S quadrant’ small business owner you don’t have the luxury of leaving your business alone. If you shut the door of your store or you’re not there for your service business, what happens? There’s no business, no clients, no ‘sales force’ multiplying, no income because you’ve got no leverage. No leverage No Freedom!

On the other hand, according to Kiyosaki, “Network Marketing is a B quadrant business.”

When you put together a ‘sales force’ of like-minded business owners, all with the same goal of LEVERAGING their business and their lives, something wonderful starts to happen! The business starts to multiply, multiply and multiply some more. This happens without you even being there! I have a sales force that is literally multiplying on it’s own because of the efforts I put in many years ago. There were many people with this sales force that attended a recent company event. I wasn’t even present at this event yet still receive a nice check in the mail every single month because of the efforts of these business people!
You can literally make money while you’re sleeping! There’s nothing like having an organization multiplying in Australia. Because while sleeping here in the USA it’s the NEXT DAY downunder!

The business starts to take on a force of its own. Everyone knows what to do because the business owner whom you show how to get leverage, in turn shows other business owners how. This skill continues to be passed down to the next business owner and so on and so forth until the business grows bigger and bigger, multiplying endlessly and continuing to give you leverage!

So, the next time you decide to take your family on a much-needed vacation, you can really relax because you’ll be LEVERAGING your time. The ‘sales force’ you put together will keep on multiplying while you’re away giving you FREEDOM to spend time with your loved ones.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Time is Money,” right? LEVERAGING your time puts money in your bank account!

The BIG question people ask is, how do I build a business team like this? How do I build a business that pays a passive residual income for something I do one time? The next BIG question is, how long will it take to get this leverage?

Well, it certainly won’t happen overnight. It could happen much sooner rather than later if you find a mentor or coach that has actually created LEVERAGE already themselves.
That means you must be teachable and willing to follow a system that will eventually multiply your efforts. What that means is letting go of total control and the habit of doing it ALL yourself.
Doing it all by yourself doesn’t multiply and create LEVERAGE.

It’s important to give your business time to develop, be coachable, motivated, consistent, determined, patient, willing to constantly learn and grow, do not quit and most of all be a team player. Plug into self-development trainings, books and seminars. That’s how you’ll get this fantastic concept called LEVERAGE both in your business and this will consequently bring FREEDOM into your life.

Sue Seward


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