Self Directed IRA Investing Can Increase Your ROI

Through a self directed IRA an investor can acquire a real estate investment, such as a single family home, apartment building, commercial building, or even land, as a form of retirement investment. Often times investors will see a much greater return on this sort of investment over traditional stock market investments.

Most investments in real estate markets or other venues will give you stronger asset protection and a higher interest rate because you are personally invested in the growth of the retirement account instead of relying on the stock market which can be quite volatile.

In addition, you can diversify your retirement portfolio in ways that a traditional IRA simply cannot offer. If you have a strong idea of the real estate market this is great for you. If you do not know a lot about real estate investing, than you can always learn more about it, so you can be a more effective investor.

The top reason most individuals turn to a self directed IRA is for control. And learning and understanding all of the rules is a good way to make sure you stay in control and yield high returns.

One of the biggest rules is understand what you cannot invest in. Currently, the two items that are strictly prohibited for retirement investments are collectibles and life insurance.

It is advised that prior to establishing an account that contains real estate investments, that you ought to seek advice from a licensed tax professional who knows all tax laws relating to IRAs and real estate.

Usually standard IRA management companies only allow you to invest in those types of investments. But if you have the drive and know-how, you can invest in real estate using your IRA. Real estate in a self directed IRA can increase the value of your IRA significantly.

There really are no limits as to what you can purchase though your IRA. There are only a few things to consider before you decide to purchase any real estate using a self directed IRA. You may not live in any of the properties you purchase. You may not rent them to anyone who is a relative. You may invest in a property with other people as long as they are not immediate family.

Turn your 401k to a self directed IRA for your financial future.

In order to fully realize your self directed IRA’s potential, you will need to assess your personal retirement goals, objectives and level of tolerated risk. From there, you can decide which investment vehicles will fit your retirement needs. You can take your 401k to a self directed IRA easily to place these funds into a real estate investment, different stocks or a mutual fund that you have already known to perform well in your portfolio.

Lots of people saving for retirement are becoming increasingly anxious with compiling wealth so that they can comfortably retire.

A self directed IRA is a great vehicle for investing and creating wealth. It is gaining increased recognition as the aging population of the United States looks for innovative ways to save for the future. A self directed IRA is a multifaceted investment strategy that is complex, but can yield great results if you understand it fully.


Emergency Room Insurance Plan Review

Emergency room insurance coverage is tricky business even for people with health insurance. Americans who currently have a Major Medical PPO plan have been increasing deductibles every year to keep up with the annual rate increases. PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization and they are supposed to be the “good guys” who let people pick their doctors. Deductible is the out of pocket expense the insured pays before the health insurance plan pays. $5,000 and $10,000 dollar health insurance deductibles are now considered normal. Increasing the deductible is a good strategy of keeping monthly premiums down. Major medical insurance companies are supposed to insure the big stuff like Organ Transplants, Heart attacks, and Cancer. But what about the everyday stuff like bodily injuries that need immediate attention at emergency rooms?

A major complaint about these $5,000 and $10,000 catastrophic plan deductible is “my health insurance doesn’t pay for anything.” This means any time someone has a bodily injury and uses the health insurance they could be looking at a $10,000 dollar deductible bill. The weakness of the high deductible health plan is covering the upfront emergency room expenses which is most probable. A large percent of PPO plans meet deductibles from emergency room bills. One broken bone and that $5,000 deductible is maxed out. PPO health insurance companies do offer “emergency room riders” that can be added onto the plan, but the optional benefit is sometimes hard to locate on the applications. Prices for the ER rider with current PPO companies are well priced but seem to have more rules and fine print. Personal accident insurance plans purchased by itself are better because it’s super portable and can literally follow you around the world. Accident plans typically will cover injury expenses while outside the United States for up to 60 consecutive days. Keep vacations abroad under 2 months and your cool.

So you can see, even people with a $5 Million dollar PPO plan are still paying out of pocket for ER visits. Health insurance savvy consumers have been purchasing emergency room insurance supplements for years. The personal injury insurance plan pays out of pocket expenses relating to bodily injuries and can pay off the high deductible PPO. The accident benefits cover the $5,000 or $10,000 deductible where its most vulnerable… emergency rooms.

Accident health insurance supplements aren’t insurance at all. They are an indemnity and plans are marketed as a limited accident medical expense benefit. Indemnity plans compensate the insured for losses in cash payments to member or the health care provider. In English, plans either pay off the hospital or doctor for you, or reimburse you (pay you) directly. Indemnity’s are nice because they pay “first dollar” and in this case, the deductible is usually $100 to $200 dollars. So a $10,000 benefit personal accident insurance plan pays for all covered bodily injuries up to $10,000 per accident, minus a $100 deductible. It’s kind of the opposite of a High Deductible PPO because ER plan deductible is small and plan pays benefits immediately. Combining both, high deductible PPO plan and a personal injury insurance plan will lower your overall monthly insurance premiums and lower the policies out of pocket risk.

Membership based accident health insurance plans have member dues instead of traditional health insurance premiums. Rate increases are seldom with ER plans. The association is a membership based organization that does a respectable job helping Americans get access to the highest level of health care. In particular, the accident medical expense benefit is very realistic and everyone can qualify for a plan. Accident plans have no health questions with the online applications and automatic acceptance is up to age 65 or 70. Not only can any American qualify, but accident plans can be used with any licensed doctor, hospital, ER, or clinic for bodily injuries. Plan works well with outpatient surgery because member can choose any Orthopedic Surgeon. If the ER doctor does an MRI or X-ray, and says the damaged body part needs surgery, take your time and find the best surgeons. ER plan must be in force prior to injury, if this is the case you’ll be able to get the surgery paid for up to policy max at any doctor.

Accident insurance plans can be used anywhere because of the nature of accidental injuries. Being “in network or out of network” is unacceptable. Injury benefits must be 100% portable because who knows where an injury will occur. This type of emergency room coverage works outside the United States up to 60 days abroad. So any out of country vacation under 2 months will be covered for accidental bodily injuries up to policy face value. Accident plan benefits (face value) available are $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000. Benefits are paid per injury meaning benefits reset every time you file a claim. Huge benefit that indemnity’s have is by treating each accident as a totally separate event.

Current monthly dues from leading accident plan: (Estimates)

Individual: $5,000 injury benefit $22 a month.
Individual: $7,500 injury benefit $28 a month.
Individual: $10,000 injury benefit $34 a month.

Family: $5,000 injury benefit $35 a month
Family: $7,500 injury benefit $41 a month
Family: $10,000 injury benefit $47 a month

When it come to families and emergency room insurance supplements it’s almost a no brainer. Family monthly member price is the same for a married couple with 1 child or 10 kids. Bigger the family, the more this plan will pay out. Children can stay on family plan up until age 26. Age 26 and up dependents will need to roll off onto a individual plan. The industries leading ER plans cover kids sport league injuries for Soccer, Baseball, Football, and other high school sports. Just like any other health insurance policy, these plans only cover bodily injury claims if policy was in force prior to injury.

Specific Benefits Covered with emergency room insurance supplements:

Hospital Emergency Room.

Surgeon fees for surgery.

Ambulance Charge.

Operating Room costs.

Lab tests.


Doctors visits (inpatient and outpatient).

Hospital room and board, and general nursing care.

Hospital miscellaneous expense during confinement, outpatient surgical procedures.

X-Rays and MRI’S.

Prescription drugs.

Dental treatment for injured sound natural teeth.

Registered nurse charges.


Top Signs That You Need Small Business Finance

It is easy to start a business. To keep it rolling and then grow is the tough part. As one goes along there will always be instances of cash crunch that prove to be roadblocks to further progress. Smart businessmen always keep lines of finances open so that they can take care of such situations. That is not the only reason to have a line of funding; growth and expansion are also equally viable reasons to have access to funds. There are signs that you need finance for small businesses.

Pay vendors and pay salaries

You are already running a business and your funds are committed. It depends on cash flows to keep it running. All of a sudden a customer may delay payment but you must meet your commitment to vendors and to employees. You may consider borrowing from friends or relatives but there is no guarantee they will be forthcoming. This is when you need small business finance from the right lender. There is nothing wrong in borrowing if one has receivables incoming but which are delayed for some reason or the other.

You secure a large order

Small businesses need large orders in order to make a big leap. If a businessman secures a large order the problem is how will he execute it? He needs to buy raw materials, processes it and supplies it. He needs funds to buy materials and then he must manage while the materials are processed and supplied. It takes time from when he invests to when he recovers the money. This is when small business finance comes in handy. He can process orders quickly and by satisfying customers he can expect even more orders.


One may start small and as one grows one finds that the present circumstances stand in the way of growth. Equipment may not be capable of high production that the growing business requires. Premises may be too small and cramped. This is the right type to access finance for small business and expand production capability and move into larger premises. One can engage more staff. It is necessary to take this step and expand or just be left behind as customers cannot wait for orders to be executed and they are likely to shift their business elsewhere.


A business may have a satisfactory number of clients but it must always engage in promotions, especially during some seasons. Promotions help keep the business visible and attract new customers and one can explore regular channels as well as others such as online. Periodic campaigns will net more customers and help the business sell its products in bulk. Obtaining finance for small business for these purposes will pay rich dividends.

All these signs that a business needs extra finance may or may not occur concurrently. However, they do happen and a businessman is always alive to the signs and takes immediate action to access funds that will help him progress to the next level.


Avoid Bad Business Partners

Many people try to establish a Business Partnership with somebody and they get taken advantage of and screwed over! People are too trusting and naive and believe that a friend or relative is not going to take advantage of them or harm them. But no one can be trusted in business. No one.

Be careful and alert and aware of everything that you see, experience, and hear from your potential business partner or business partner. Look for the red flags that warn that something is wrong and that you are about to be taken advantage of.

Know what steps to take to protect your financial interests and determine whether or not your business partner is a scammer! Know what to do to protect yourself and your financial interests. Establishing a Business Partnership is very serious and challenging.

I got scammed and screwed over by my Business Partner. Do not become someone’s financial victim. I got taken advantage of and betrayed by someone who I knew for most of my life! Imagine that. We were really good friends. I mean really awesome friends.

He used to be a true friend who would take me everywhere and invite me everywhere and defend me from everyone. He would lift up my self-esteem and lift my spirits. Then he betrayed me and turned on me. And I never saw it coming. Never.

I was deceived little by little. I was vulnerable because I fully trusted him due to our Best Friendship. He used that against me. It was a very secretive and subtle economic agenda. I will share with you what happened.

He proposed to me a Business Partnership with a Business Goal that was convincing and realistic and attainable. Everything made sense. So we started working on the Business Goal. But something subtle was always wrong: he would not meet up with me often to work on the Business Goal.

I spent countless hours researching the Business Industry and Business Plan we were working on by myself and he would only meet up with me sometimes. At first he would regularly work on the Business Objective with me and we would do the work together. Then he started coming to work on the Financial Goal less and less until he would only rarely show up to work with me.

Me being naive and ignorant and dumb I continued to research the business even though he did not show up and suddenly I had all the information I needed. The time had come when we needed to start putting money into the business. He refused to put in a single cent into the Business Goal.

I still did not want to see how things were because I was dealing with my Best Friend. But as months and months passed by and then two years went by and he still did not want to put any money into the business I realized everything. I came to terms with how things were. My Best friend had betrayed me!!!

I finally had to admit that my best friend and business partner turned on me. That did a lot of harm to me and my spirit. I decided to protect myself and ended my Business Partnership with him and sent him a “Notice of Business Partnership Termination” informing him that our financial partnership was over.

I at last also ended my friendship with him. I just did what I had to do.