Marketing Mindset – Coin Operated Machine Thinking

Look at our many inventions that have increased the speed of our lives; microwaves, internet, cable, fast food restaurants, instant coffee or oatmeal. Consumers think that everything placed in their hands should produce fast and valuable results, immediately!

Are You Fooled As Well?

Changing the landscape of how people are thinking has been in the works for years. It is no wonder that most people feel they can’t sell because they see so many opportunities on the internet that provide instant wealth? What type of generation are we raising now?

Remember how quickly our prized result occurred when you placed a coin in the brightly colored gum-ball machine, turned the dial and bingo, you had your tasty treat? The immediate gratification thought process is very detrimental to society as a whole.

How many kids get a trophy to “participate”? How is anything of value to be taught with this “gift”? Network marketers that buy into this hype and then structure their marketing campaigns similarly can’t understand why they aren’t on the beaches of Hawaii tomorrow.

Are You Falling For This?

No wonder so many people think that Network Marketing is such a scam. They are being fed instant gravy with no substance. No matter what you want to complete; a woodworking project, a kitchen renovation, a marketing campaign, all require a systematic approach that is planned, tested, tried and refined, several times.

Knowledge and understanding is what provides quality and sustainable Network Marketing principals. Thinking that one ad written and placed on Google, one article written and placed on your blog, or even one fabulously written review and placed on a web site, will line your pockets is absurd.

To Market or Not To Market

If you want to move ahead as an employee in your company or the industry you reside, it is imperative that you gain knowledge to improve the level of your skill set and solve common problems with valuable answers and action.

To be a better marketer will require your effort in gaining the knowledge of marketing. It is not thinking like the consumer next door but understanding of that process and being creative in structuring a marketing message that can be understood by that neighbor, and his neighbor, and his….

Developing a high level quality marketing message requires focus, research, understanding of the market you are in and then, creatively organizing the words that describe your product or program in ways they can absorb. It is a unique marketing process, a creative idea, structured to bring life to those words.

Is Your Market Fixated On Your Message?

Videos, blogs, ads, reviews or any method you are using requires your full focus, refined several times, because most won’t get it the first time through. Studies have shown that people should be exposed as many as 7 times before they purchase.

Educate yourself on several elements first; your market, what they want or need, their emotional tie to that and where they are looking to find these answers. Then and only then, structure a clear and creative way to get your message out there to them, then they just might purchase.