How To Generate Free Network Marketing Leads Using Attraction Marketing

If you’ve come looking for free network marketing leads, you’ve come to the right place… But only if you’re prepared to work for them.

There are no companies that just hand out free network marketing leads and if there are, I would be willing to bet that they are the junkiest, tire kicking, time-wasting, unqualified leads you will ever talk to.

This is an industry built on hard (and smart) work, so if you’re looking for a free network marketing leads hand out, this is not the article for you. Instead, with this article I will be discussing how to generate free network marketing leads yourself, using hard work and the principles of attraction marketing.

Let’s get started…

First off, if you’ve never heard of attraction marketing, it is a concept that has been floating around our industry for about 5 years now. Basically, attraction marketing is about marketing yourself as a leader and person of value, instead of just blasting people with your business opportunity.

Most people are not necessarily looking for your business opportunity, but rather someone who can show them how to make money. Screaming out, “Join my business, I have the best opportunity in the world” is a sure-fire way to build distrust with people from the start.

Nobody cares about your business, even if it is the best opportunity on the planet. All people coming into the network marketing industry care about is solving a problem and they will go to the first person who can show them how to do that.

Basically, when you lead off with VALUE, and not your opportunity, you will ‘attract’ people to you.

It is very important that you understand attraction marketing so that you can generate your own quality, free network marketing leads.

So, how do you generate free network marketing leads with attraction marketing?

You will need your own personal branded blog and/or a capture page, something of value to offer (a free ebook, bootcamp, video, audio, training of some sort, anything of value) and 1 or 2 free and EFFECTIVE marketing strategies.

I personally think the best two marketing strategies to attract free network marketing leads are video marketing and article marketing. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also great ways to get free traffic.

What you need to do to generate free network marketing leads is drive traffic to you capture page. Your lead capture page will have an opt-in form where the people looking at your site can leave their name and email address in return for your free offer.

To get traffic to your capture page with article or video marketing, all you have to do is create an informative piece of content (an article or video) telling people at the end that they can get more information by visiting your website. Then just submit your content to article and video directories like EzineArticles and YouTube.

Once you have captured their email address, you can continue to build your relationship with your leads. Once you have built that rapport and your leads come to know you as a person of value, you can then go on to share with them your opportunity, products and services.

Some of your leads will even be calling you about your business and looking for more information on how they can work with you.

This is all done by the power of attraction marketing.