Income Tax Rates

The income tax rates are important information that every person should be aware of as it would help them in filing their taxes appropriately. For the year 2010, the income tax rates would remain largely similar to the rates that were prevalent in 2009. Going into 2010, the IRS announced that due to low inflation and slow economy the rates have not changed much. Keeping the consumer price index (CPI) in mind and the stagnated growth, the IRS decided to keep the personal exemption amount and the standard deduction bracket similar to the 2009 tax rates.

Understanding federal and state taxes isn’t that difficult if you understand the rates. Once you know about the rates, then you can easily decide which bracket applies in your case and thereby you can estimate your taxes on your own. The state income taxes generally range between 1% and 10%, and for every state there is a different rate. In some states there are also city income taxes so you must be aware of that too. With the start of 2011, it may be predicted that President Obama might cut down the Bush rates and go back to the income tax rates prevalent in 2001 to 2003. The top income tax rate might go back to 39.6 percent while the low bracket of 10 percent might be eliminated in future.

For the coming year 2011, the tax we pay might see an increase in capital gains and dividend rates. The capital gains rate might go back to 20 percent from 15 percent that was prevalent in 2010, and your dividend income might be taxed as your ordinary income so you must keep all these points in mind to calculate your tax correctly in future.

The rates keep changing yearly and unless you are well aware of the rates then you might suffer tremendously if you calculate your taxes with the old tax rate. You should keep track of your previous year income and taxes to chalk out your future taxes correctly. You must also look into child tax credit and the estate tax rates to calculate your taxes correctly.

Lastly, income tax rates can be checked online from any government site or you can also download them for easy reference. You can check on the rates table from any place, as long as it is reliable and you must use the correct rates to calculate your income taxes.


Real Estate Brokers – Smart People Who Make Money

Real estate is associated with the buying and selling of property. It is a vast area where a lot of deals happen every day. A lot of money is transacted as a part of this business each day. It is not just associated with buying and selling of land. Renting of land and buildings also go under this category. The money transaction that happens in the business is huge and complicated. There are different levels at which profits are made. We find around us a lot of people who are considered to be experts in this area. They are known as real estate brokers.

Real estate brokers are mostly concerned about the buying and selling of property. The broker acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. The broker is also known as a real estate agent in the United Kingdom. Whenever a person has to buy or sell a property, all they have to do is to consult an agent and seek advice. They will help to find a buyer who compromises with all your demands and expectations and thus helping in carrying on with the sale. There would be a lot of people who work under the broker who help him out in the selling process. In some cases the broker signs agreement on the behalf of the buyer.

Anyone is not allowed to become a real estate broker. Those who wish to go into this business have to secure a license. Unlicensed exchanged are allowed only when the buyer himself deals with the selling of the property. In order to secure a broker’s license, you will have to attend a 90-hour long course which is preceded by an exam. You will get the license only if you pass the exam. The exam mainly involves the testing of real estate laws.

The real estate broker’s job is not just limited to the buying and selling of property. The work also involves the assessment of the value of a property and its appraisal, market analysis, supervision, auction, preparation of documents and providing guidance in the transaction. The profit that the broker makes is usually five to seven per cent of the amount at which the property is sold. Considering the huge financial benefits, a lot of people have started coming into this business. But it is necessary to keep in mind that real estate business involves a lot of risk too.


Marketing Mindset – Coin Operated Machine Thinking

Look at our many inventions that have increased the speed of our lives; microwaves, internet, cable, fast food restaurants, instant coffee or oatmeal. Consumers think that everything placed in their hands should produce fast and valuable results, immediately!

Are You Fooled As Well?

Changing the landscape of how people are thinking has been in the works for years. It is no wonder that most people feel they can’t sell because they see so many opportunities on the internet that provide instant wealth? What type of generation are we raising now?

Remember how quickly our prized result occurred when you placed a coin in the brightly colored gum-ball machine, turned the dial and bingo, you had your tasty treat? The immediate gratification thought process is very detrimental to society as a whole.

How many kids get a trophy to “participate”? How is anything of value to be taught with this “gift”? Network marketers that buy into this hype and then structure their marketing campaigns similarly can’t understand why they aren’t on the beaches of Hawaii tomorrow.

Are You Falling For This?

No wonder so many people think that Network Marketing is such a scam. They are being fed instant gravy with no substance. No matter what you want to complete; a woodworking project, a kitchen renovation, a marketing campaign, all require a systematic approach that is planned, tested, tried and refined, several times.

Knowledge and understanding is what provides quality and sustainable Network Marketing principals. Thinking that one ad written and placed on Google, one article written and placed on your blog, or even one fabulously written review and placed on a web site, will line your pockets is absurd.

To Market or Not To Market

If you want to move ahead as an employee in your company or the industry you reside, it is imperative that you gain knowledge to improve the level of your skill set and solve common problems with valuable answers and action.

To be a better marketer will require your effort in gaining the knowledge of marketing. It is not thinking like the consumer next door but understanding of that process and being creative in structuring a marketing message that can be understood by that neighbor, and his neighbor, and his….

Developing a high level quality marketing message requires focus, research, understanding of the market you are in and then, creatively organizing the words that describe your product or program in ways they can absorb. It is a unique marketing process, a creative idea, structured to bring life to those words.

Is Your Market Fixated On Your Message?

Videos, blogs, ads, reviews or any method you are using requires your full focus, refined several times, because most won’t get it the first time through. Studies have shown that people should be exposed as many as 7 times before they purchase.

Educate yourself on several elements first; your market, what they want or need, their emotional tie to that and where they are looking to find these answers. Then and only then, structure a clear and creative way to get your message out there to them, then they just might purchase.


Unsecured Loans With Bad Credit: Three Real Options

When a person falls on hard times, getting an unsecured loan is just one more mountain that looks impossible to climb. Though your traditional places for seeking a loan – banks and credit unions – may be unable to help, all hope is not lost. Even people with bad credit can get an unsecured loan from specialist online lenders who are happy to work with those borrowers who need extra help. Before you go looking for an online unsecured loan, however, make sure that you are educated about your choices and the lending process.

Defining Basic Loans

In the lending world there are two basic loan options. The first is a secured loan. This is when someone borrows money by using property as collateral, or insurance. Bad credit matters less in getting a secured loan because the value of the property leveraged gives the lender assurance that even if the debt obligation is not met, he will have something to show for his efforts.

The other option, and unsecured loan, is a far riskier proposition. In this case, the borrower offers nothing to the lender as assurance of repayment. Instead, the value of the loan is unsecured and subject to total loss should the borrower fail to provide timely repayment. Lenders are therefore highly suspicious of any borrower looking for an unsecured loan and having bad credit will demote you in their minds even more.

Unsecured Lending Options

All this does not mean, however, that you are completely left out to dry if you are a borrower with bad credit. Unsecured loans do exist for people like you and, in fact, come in several varieties. The key is figuring out which loan package suits your needs best and then finding the best possible lender to provide it.

Option #1: Personal Loans

Unsecured personal loans are the hardest to obtain with bad credit, but also the most versatile and safe. This is a traditional long-term loan that will give anywhere from $5,000-$25,000 to be repaid over a period of 5-15 years. Interest rates on these loans are not as high as some other options, but borrowers with bad credit will likely need to find a cosigner in order to qualify. If you have a reliable cosigner, however, this may be a great choice.

Option #2: Payday Loans

For times when you need a relatively small amount of cash quickly, payday loans present a real viable option. Generally given for $100-$1,500, payday loans are a short-term fix for cash flow issues. These loans carry higher interest rates, but that is primarily because they are only given for a very short period of time – generally 14-90 days only. If you take a payday loan, you will not be subject to a credit check, but you will also need to be sure you can repay your loan quickly.

Option #3: An Unsecured Credit Card

The final option available to borrowers with bad credit is an unsecured credit card. Though you will likely only qualify for a small line of credit at first, unsecured credit cards allow you the freedom to spend as much or as little of your credit line as you want without the burden of repayment of the whole. You can budget around your expenses. The interest rates on these cards can be quite high, however, so it is necessary to spend wisely.

Getting the Right Loan

When someone has bad credit, finding the right unsecured loan can be a challenge. However, there are clearly options out there to suit all needs and lifestyles. Make sure you review these choices before deciding which unsecured loan is the right choice for you.